Getting to Blok M by car or taxi

Giving directions to the driver

Only an idiot doesn't know where Blok M is - but unfortunately that description fits a fair number of the Jakarta taxi driving fraternity, many of whom may most charitably be described as yokels who hardly know the city (and don't know 'left' from 'right', either). And remember - the standard response to any question you put to the average taxi driver is "Yes, Mister".

If you take a taxi at one of the big hotels, the doorman will tell the driver your destination and ensure that he does actually know where Blok M is, and how to get there. If you flag down a taxi in the street, you're on your own.

First of all, some useful directions to give the driver. Blok M is in south Jakarta (Jakarta selatan). The nearest big hotel is the Ambhara, and the main shopping mall is the Mega Pasaraya (recently renamed Pasaraya Grande, but everyone still calls it by the old name). The Blok M bus terminal is another useful landmark. Coming from the north, every driver should know Jalan Sudirman, the main north-south arterial road - go down Sudirman southwards until you pick up road signs for Blok M.

So you get to Blok M - but your adventure isn't over yet, as you have to negotiate the idiosyncratic one-way system.  If you're coming to Blok M from the NORTH, follow the blue route on the map; from the SOUTH, follow the green route.

The Blue Route - turn right into Jalan Trunojoyo at the traffic lights near the big PLN building (across the junction in front of you, on the left), then take the first turning left (your taxi driver will blithely ignore the road signs, so don't worry that it's an illegal turn). Next, take the first left into Pelatehan 2, then first right into Pelatehan 1. D's Place is the first building on your right.

The Green Route - veer left off the main road (Sultan Hasanuddin) immediately after the bus terminal, into a side-road that runs parallel to the main road. Take the first left into Pelatehan 2, and the next left into Pelatehan 1.